Weave Buddy Specialist

There is a high price to pay for the “full look”. Traction Alopecia~ gradual hair loss caused when pulling forces are applied to the scalp. The after effects are thinning, balding, insecurities, scalp conditions and more. This epidemic has affected women all over the world.


I'm all for extending, restoring and optimizing your hair, so as your certified Weave Buddy Specialist, I offer a unique system that is made of a strong grafting material designed to gently fit the contour of a woman’s scalp.


The Weave Buddy Units are hand crafted and lined with a soft silk lace for extra support. It's a safe, long lasting attachment that's comfortable, secure and won’t pull back.

The Weave Buddy was designed to sooth and comfortably provide protection to the scalp while wearing hair extensions. A much needed solution for women who depend on extended hair to look and feel good.