Hi Beauties!!

Let's get into hair!!  As a lot of you know, in October 2018, I invested in a 3 day Identifying Hair Loss Behind the Chair Seminar. Ooh wee, I learned so much. My knowledge hair bank (my brain) felt like it was going to explode!! Anywhoo, what I walked away with from that class was mind blowing, which leads me into our topic: Does my scalp need a detox? The answer is YES! Just as your face needs a regimen that includes exfoliation and detoxing, your scalp does too. Shampoos are meant primarily for the hair, but the scalp needs to be treated differently.

Would you go days without cleaning your face and then attempt to add a powder and say its clean? Of course not! Your scalp hygiene needs to be treated like your facial hygiene. This is done by regularly deep cleansing, exfoliating (removing dead skin cells), and pulling out impurities. Residues from gels, sprays, creamy leave in products and color allowed to stay on the scalp for days and weeks can cause the scalp to become irritated, inflamed and possibly impede your hair growth because the follicle opening is being blocked. It is important to have a  regular scalp regimen to improve the health of your scalp, stimulate your follicles and create an environment for better hair growth.

Most of our shampoos aren't able to break down the buildup on our scalps adding to current scalp problems. Because I have learned the importance of this (what you can see under a microscope is mind boggling), I am now offering detox/ exfoliation treatments for the scalp. My detox is made of charcoal powder, kaolin clay, Camellia seed oil, aloe juice and Panthenol. These ingredients in their appropriate balance, will exfoliate and purify pores, remove impurities, balance the hair's PH, and neutralize odor.

This service is prior to your shampoo and will add an additional 15 minutes to your regular appointment. Right now I’m offering buy 4 detox treatments at $15 each and receive a 5th one free. Having one done once or twice a month is a start or on every visit for pre-existing scalp issues.

Invest in your hair Beauties. Healthy follicles are your only chance to keeping hair on your Crowns.