Cocktail Treatment

Cocktail Treatment

Hi Beauties!!

Let's get into hair! Have you been inundated with the myths of home remedies for healthy hair such as rice water, preparation H, salve, onion juice, etc.? I wish I was joking, but this mess is out there y’all. Don't fall for the hype. Stop wasting your money. For one, the molecules are too large to penetrate into the hair. So you will only create a coating on the hair, nothing more! For two, you can clog your pores and that can lead to long term irreversible follicle damage (hair loss).

Now, as most of you know, I believe in healthy hair. It is the foundation of my business. I am a firm believer that healthy hair starts from within and then at the shampoo bowl. I am always seeking more knowledge for my hair think bank (my brain) in order to provide you with the best products and service possible, which leads me to present to some and introduce to others….(drum roll)...My Silkout Cocktail Treatments.

The Cocktail Treatment restores your amino acids, and moisture to your hair on a molecular level. You see, amino acids are keratin blocks broken down into smaller molecules which allows deeper penetration into the cortex layer of the hair. The conditioner lives there for 8-10 weeks. The result is hair that has been properly balanced with keratin and moisture (which is what our hair thirsts for) in proper balance. The Cocktail promotes elasticity (hairs ability to stretch and return without breakage) which helps retain length and lets not forget about the hydration. To top it all off, it adds impeccable shine. Your hair will feel like silk and look like glass.

This Cocktail treatment is available as an add on service to your silk press. If you are a Natural Beauty, this treatment will make your life easier and you will use less product because your strands will be filled from the inside out. As for my relaxer Beauties, it will plump up your strands and provide them with much needed life. 80% of my current Beauties have already invested in their cocktail treatments and you hair thanks you. I want to remind you they need to be done every 8-10 weeks.

It is mandatory for New Beauties or returning Beauties that I haven't seen in over 30 days to have a Cocktail treatment. That's how serious I am about these Treatments.

Most of you have been coming in asking is it time yet, because you have experienced the benefits and I thank you. Anywhoo, I’m offering treatments $10 off for the remaining month of February because its the love month Y’all!! Book your treatment today!!!